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Join us at Amber Central in July! - Saturday, April 14, 2012

Come to Minnesota in the summer and join us at the second annual Amber Central gaming convention July 19-22. Go to to learn more. Registration ends May 10, 2012.


spi•kard (spikard') n. 1. a mythic artifact of perfected powers. [vernacular] 2. an artifact of penultimate power that exceeds the understanding of its creator. [Arcane reference] 3. a magical tool that solves a critical need beyond the ability of the wielder. [Encyclopeadia Glantri] 4. a multi-faceted magical device that combines several power sources, as opposed to a single source. [Courts of Chaos] 5. a device of magical prowess that, once activated, can not be rendered passive again. [Second Cycle Empire] 6.Informal. a doomsday device.

Courtesy of Spikard Secrets

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Nemesis the King of Comedy
The eldest power and the one all the others fear.
Who knows where your path will lead?

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